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XRF Analysis

XRF Analysis 
On Site or 
In House

XRF Analysis

ChemServe Employs the use of a Spectro xSort hand held XRF unit to generate fast results

CPSIA XRF Screening: Whether it is part of your overall compliance QA program or initial screening to determine non-compliance issues, we can assist with fast, reliable XRF screening for lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and bromide. Consumer Product screening of toys, painted items, jewelry, and other CPSIA items is invaluable when trying to comply with the new regulation.

RoHS, REACH, & WEEE XRF Screening: XRF can be used to determine compliance with RoHS, REACH & WEEE regulations. XRF is one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to make sure that you and/or your vendors are compliant with the metal and brominated flame retardant regulations.

On Site Analysis

Chemserve offers on site screening by the hour, by the day, or under a service contract. We will set up at your site and screen as many samples as we can through-put in an 8 hour day. If part of your compliance program includes screening, this is the most cost effective way to maintain a compliance program. RoHS, CPSC, or Toxic Packaging regulations can all be addressed with one screening tool.

Contact our sales and/or customer service staff and we can setup a screening program that work for you.

In House Analysis

Chemserve also offers screening within our laboratory setting. Small projects or individual pieces we can screen for RoHS, CPSC, or Toxic Packaging compliance. By screening in house we can charge by the piece so you only pay for what we screen.

XRF has been recommended by CPSC, RoHS consultants, Toxic Packaging Regulatory Authorities as a cost effective way to understand whether or not you have compliance issues within their respective regulations. Contracting with Chemserve allows you to take advantage of XRF technology without having to purchase an XRF, train your employees, and maintain your licensing and equipment. Leave the screening to our highly trained technical staff, and allow your employees continue to work on the projects that they were hired for.

We can provide the results of the screening in an Excel spreadsheet format associated with your barcode SKU product numbering system. It cost affective, fast and gives you the information to make the right decisions on product compliance.